Formal letter

Dear Mr. Spiller

Thank you very much for your letter informing me that I have won first prize in the competition. I am looking forward to going to Australia and attending the course.

I would prefer to do the course in August because I want to spend my summer holidays with my friends and family. In addition I hope that weather will be better.

In the morning, I would like to join a speaking and listening class because for me it is the best way how to study a foreign language. In fact an ideal choice might be a speaking and vocabulary class. I am not very good at those things, but I am getting better.

In the morning, I would like to try to play a musical instrument. (I really love music. Unfortunately I cannot sing very well.) Moreover, as the second activity I chose doing a scuba diving course. It would be a big excitement for me, especially when Australia is famous of its coral reef.

Could you tell me whether the accommodation is provided or what should I bring with me.

I look forward to hearing from you.


Yours sincerely


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