Hallowen is celebrated for example in the USA.It's the night of all saints.This holiday is of Celtic origin.Kelts celebrated Hallowen as last day of the year.

The symbol of that holiday is a pumpkin.Children make from pumpkins ''jack-o'-laterns''.They buy a nice oringe pumpkin,then take a knife and cut of the top of the pumpkin.Then they take out seeds and cut some face.Then children take a candle and put it inside.

People decorate their houses with black cats, bats, paper-moons, skeletons and so on.

Children don't study during this holiday, they have a party at school - they dance, drink, eat and so on.There is acompelition at the school and children choose the best mask.Children usually wear costumes and masks, for example: devils, witches, ghosts, goblins and other monsters. They go to the streets in the evening and visit their friends and relatives. they knock on the door and say: ,, Trick or treat''. It means: given us some sweets or we'll play tricks - they draw something on the door or on the window with toothpaste.

Children instead of treats ask for money which UNICEF sends to needy children in other countries. Each year they collect over three million dolars.

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