There are so many types of hobbies one can choose for his or her own. Some hobbies are rather expensive, some are dangerous, some are very romantic, some are very time-consuming. When I was about the age of five, I like collecting postcards and stamps with the ground of a dog or a cat. When I was about eight I started to attend a scout group. As I was older, I started to guide this scout group. It is a pity that now I have so little free time. I cannot devote as much time to scouting as I used to. At the age of fifteen, I´ve found out that I really enjoy listening to music. I´ve established a directory of fans of my favourite music group Suede and I´m corresponding with various countries, for example Japan, Sweden, England, Spain, South Africa, New York… Even, I compose music on a computer and I like working with a computer generally. I like organising meetings for people who are like me - fond of music. On average the most common hobbies in our country are these: Many families have their cottages and people spend lots of time there (tending to their gardens - they grow fresh and healthy fruit and vegetables, nice flowers - cutting grass and repairing the old house). The other rather popular hobby is watching TV or a video. It is not so useful for your eyes and your mind. Many people here like to spend their leisure time reading books, magazines and newspapers. Some people prefer music to reading. The either play a musical instrument, sing to themselves or listen to their favourite music. Going out can be very expensive now. You can go to the cinema, to see a concert, to see a theatre performance or to have a chat with your friends in some nice café or in a restaurant. Art lovers often visit exhibitions in art galleries and museums. Lots of people like travelling. Many students are members of a sport club or a hobby group. For example animal lovers take care of their dogs, cats and horses. There are several sport clubs - athletics, basketball, volleyball, swimming, hanball and judo. Nowadays lots of students go to fitness clubs to keep fit. Many students would like to make use of their hobbies in their future jobs, for example working with computer, etc. but it is not so easy. If you have a vision for your future, there is little probability that it will happen exactly as you like. I know this from my friends´ experience. Hobbies are very important for everybody. A man would be very poor without a hobby and would not be satisfied. Hobbies are like a cure if you are tired, sad, feeling small or in low spirits. It helps you in many ways. A hobby is your best friend. I really cannot imagine the world without hobbies.

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