I live with my mum in a block of flats. It is situated at the edge of our town. It isn’t far to the forest where I go running. There is a playground where I can play basketball behind our block of flats. We haven’t got a large flat. Our flat lies on the 5th floor so we use a lift. Our flat consists of a living room, my room, a kitchen, a toilette, a bathroom and a small corridor. When you enter our flat you stay in the corridor. There are 5 doors. The two on your left hand lead to the toilette and to the bathroom. The third leads to the kitchen and the two doors before you are to my room and to the living room. All the rooms have windows except for the toilette and the bathroom of course. Our kitchen isn’t large either. There is only one small table for three people, a fridge and kitchen equipment like a microwave or cooker. The living room is the largest room of our flat. There are 2 armchairs, a couch and opposite it you can see the furniture wall with the Tv equipment. Between the furniture wall and the couch is a small table. There is a bigger one beside the furniture wall. On the other side there is a window with a balcony. We have a view of Hvezda.

My favourite room
My favourite room is my room because I have my favourite things there. Like my Hi-fi tower and computer. You can enter my room two ways – one door leads from the kitchen and the other one leads from the corridor. Between the doors I have my bookcase and on the bookcase there is my hi-fi tower with my cassettes. Under the hi-fi tower on the wall there are lots of posters of pop stars. Opposite the bookcase there is my bed and under it, on the wall, there are CDs and there will also be a rack with 2 loudspeakers and CDs. Beside my bed there are 2 wardrobes. If you enter my room from the kitchen, on the left hand there are 2 tables. On the bigger one is my computer, 5 loudspeakers and CDs. On the smaller one is my printer and I do my homework there. There is also a window with a view of the Janovicky mountains. In the middle of my room there is my armchar, where I spend most of my free time. I sit and listen to the radio or Cd-player.
I´d like to live in a bigger town than Broumov. I'd like to live on the edge of the town because I like running and games in nature but I also like the company of other people. But in Broumov there aren't so many places for young people. When you are living in a flat, it can sometimes be boring but if you have your own house you can never be bored. There is always something to do. Inside as well as outside the house. In my opinion, people in the country have more work than people in towns. Because most of them must work on the fields and they have large gardens and plantations. And people in the country have a better atmosphere I think because there aren't so many cars. But people in towns have all the thing they need. When people in the country need any special thing, like a doctor or post-office, they must go to nearest town for it. I know it because my aunt lives in a small village and when she needs a doctor she must go to Hradec Králové. I like living in a village because it is calm there and nobody is in hurry. You can relax there and your children can play everywhere. Large towns are much too noisy for me.

Housing in Britain
I was in Britain and Britain enthused me. There are lots of terraced houses and semidetached houses everywhere and it makes a fine show. It’s beautiful when there aren’t any huge blocks of flats. The English prefer small base houses to blocks of flats and it looks better in my opinion. Houses are made of red bricks or conrete, stone and wood, somewhere you can still find half-timbered houses with thatched roofs. The houses have usually 4 to 6 rooms, two floors, small front and back gardens and are either semidetached (it means that it’s joined to another house on one side only) or detached (joined on both sides). On the ground floor there are: a hall, kitchen, living room with a fireplace and on the first floor there are parents‘ and children’s bedrooms and bathrooms. I’d rather live in Britain than in our country because of their houses. They have no mess there. But I like my country, I have a lot of friends there and so I’m not going to move to Britain or at least I don’t wonder about it.
In my opinion every country, every government has its problems with housing. In our country there are a lot of displaced persons who live anywhere they can. For example, under bridges or they sleep at stations. But there are also people who haven’t any flat but just because there aren’t enough chances for living in one or the flats are very expensive, for example, for a young couple. Some countries have problems with an earthquake which destroyed a lot of houses and then people have no choice, they must leave their houses. It is the same with floods.

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