My family lives in a block of flats in Usti nad Orlici. We live on the first floor in the house. The house is beside the children’s park and the cinema. In basement are many cellars, a laundry and a room with bikes. We have two cellars. My mother and father store stewed fruit and vegetables there. Next there are boxes with magazines and old books, the case with agues and many further things. Sometimes is very mess there. In second cellar, there is freezer with frozen meat, vegetables and fruits.
Our flat is quite large, we have three rooms, a kitchen and a bathroom. When we come home, there is a hall. In the hall there is a case with shoes, a rack, a mirror, a fridge and a microwave oven. In the fridge there are yoghurts, salamis, cheeses, salad from fresh vegetables, eggs, booze, salad dressings and much fresh vegetables. Beside the hall is very large living room, a kitchen, a storage room with an automatic washing machine, and a toilet.
The living room is 35 square metres large. In living room there is very big sofa, a couch, armchairs, a little table in the middle of the room. Next to them opposite armchairs there is small bookcase. Along wall is case with china and cut glass. Between two windows is a Tv set, a stereo, our cassettes, record collections and a hi-fi stereo. The room is decorated with three pictures, curtains on the windows, one large chandelier and two lamps, many vases with flowers and flowerpots with various plants and a gray carpet on the floor. The room has a balcony with view of opposite house, flowerbeds, children’s park and a cinema.
In the kitchen, which is on the left, you can see some white cupboard, a cooker, a sink, a waste paper bin, a brown table and a white lamp above it. We have a pantry with things for cooking in the kitchen. The hall among kitchen, a bathroom, the parent’s bedroom and the children’s room is very small and there is a telephone on the wall. In the bathroom, there are shelves with cosmetics (some soaps, a powder, lipsticks, many various mascaras, paints, eyes shadous, perfumes, safety-razors, shaving foams and many further things).There is a case with towels, cosmetics, shower gels and a first-aid kit with many remedies. Next there is a washbasin, a bathtub and a linen basket.
The parents’ room is 25 square metres large. In the parents’ room there is very big wardrobe with very big mirror, one large bed and many small wardrobes, two little tables with lamps and a table with the computer. The room is decorated glass chandelier, two pictures with horses, vases with plumes from ostriches and many flowerpots with various plants.
I share room with my younger brother Ivo. Our room is 28 square metres large. We have two beds, wardrobes, table, hi-fi stereo, a bookcase and case with games in our room. There are shelves with many things( teddy bears, cats, goats and a mirror, money boxes, paper roses and things from pottery). The maps Europe and all world are above our shelves. On the case and a bookcase are flowerpots with very nice plants. The room is decorated whit white and yellow curtains, a chandelier which is in the middle of the room and two small lamps.
In all rooms are clocks on the wall.
We had very large garden with very long green house, many flowerbeds, a water station, cottages with tools(spades, shovels, hoes, watering cans and lawn mover) and hot beds. We had rabbits, ducks and geese. But we had to fed them, planted plants, diged the ground the flowerbeds, weeded the flowerbeds, raked the leaves, cut the grass and picked the harvest. Therefore we sold it and we leave small garden because we don’t have much work with it. In the garden were plumb trees, apple trees, cherry trees, pear trees and tree with hazelnuts. Now we have small garden beside children’s park and flowerbeds behind our block of flats. On the flowerbeds we have strawberries, chives, parsleys, leeks, onions and sometimes green peas. In garden, there is a cottage with tools, a kennel, a hen house with four hens, a lightwood, a grate and trees. My mother grows orchids, tulips, roses and forget-me-nots.
I was small therefore we had two hamsters and fishes. Now I have a dog. My dog name’s is Ťapka. She is seven years old. She is black and she has white paws. She has twice puppies. For the first time she had four puppies. For the second time she had six puppies but we let only three puppies because the others were feebly. But all puppies were very nice and lovely.

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