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Dear Evžen,
Thank you for your letter. We haven´t seen each other for such a long time. It was really great to hear from you again.
I study the grammar school in Roudnice and I also prepare for the FCE, because I’d like to pass it next year, but it seems to be much harder than it used to be. You know, we have to write these kinds of letters, because we need to fix the writing style. Anyway, I’ll have to do my best.
I am planning to go to the cinema with some old friends on Friday. I would be very pleased, if you will join us. The film is called The Rebirth Of Darth Vader. In fact it’s just another part of the Star Wars. It will screened at the Slovanský dům and the reviews aren‘t so bad and I think the movie might be quite exciting.
I also emailed Ervín and Emanuel yesterday. They can come, so I hope you too. I suppose that we can go somewhere for a dinner after that. I am looking forward to hearing some new information about yourselves.
Give me a ring if you are free and I’ll book the tickets.

I’d love to see you.


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