Informal letter to a friend

Hi Rupert!
How are you? I haven’t seen you for a long time! I am having a week off. I flew to the capital city of Italy - Rome. I live in a big hotel the near center. Rome is an old historical town, but turists are almost everywhere. Yesterday I went sightseeing, I just wanted to look around the town. I visited Forum Romanum and also Colosseum there. I can imagine, how did gladiators fight there in ancient times. In the evening I went to the football match. About 50000 people came there. For Italian football is something like religion.
Today I was in restaurant and I ate original Italian food - pizza. It was delicious!
Tomorrow I am unfortunately leaving Italy and I am flying back to the Czech republic. That’s a pity, because there are so many interesting places. I would like to come here another time again.

See you soon!



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