Jack London - White Fang

Jack London tell about himself:
"I am the sailor on horseback! I shall make mistakes a-many; but watch my dreams come true...Try to dream with me my dreams. Do not be a slave to an old conception.“
„Jsem námořník na koňském hřbetě! Častokrát mohu chybovat, ale mé sny zůstanou pravdivé....vyzkoušej snít se mnou. Nebuď otrok starých představ.

Jack London is an American novelist and short-story writer.
He is one of the most frequently translated of American authors.
He was born in 1876 in San Francisco in California. His name was John Griffith Chaney, but he used pseudonym Jack London.
He worked as a corsair, gold miner, slave trader, roving astrologer, in canning factory and last as a writer.
Jack London wrote the books with theme life at the time of the gold rush.
On November 1916 Jack London died, it was a self-murder, but we know, that he taked a narkotick morphine. He was only 40 years of age.
He had two daughters and his wife built „House of Happy Walls“ and it is museum now.

The most popular are the books: Martin Eden, The Sea Wolf, The Valley of the Moon, Jerry of the Islands, Michael, Brother of Jerry, The Call of the Wild

White Fang
I choose the book White Fang. It is a dramatic story concerning the taming of a wild dog in Klondike. Jack London wrote this book in 1906 in California in Sonoma valley, he had a ranch there.
The book have been translated into as many as seventy different languages.
The story started in derelict woods, the mother of White Fang was a dog and she lived with Indians, but his father was a wild wolf.
White Fang was born in earth only people. But he comes with her mother in Indians village. His owner is Gray-Beaver.
White Fang doesnt play with other puppys, he is a loner. He have robust body, quick paws, he is very intelligent, sly and forever free. White Fang must pull a dogyoke, he is a leader.
A white man Smith in Fort Yukon buy him for bestialfight. White Fang is demoniac and dangerous now.
He fight with dogs, wolfs and lynxes. He wins ever.
But White Fang cannot fight with a buldog and he dies nearly.
But comes Mr. Scott and rescues him. Mr. Scott teaches White Fang to kindness.
But Mr. Scott must go to San Francisco and White Fang is very unhappy. He want go with him.
White Fang goes with Mr.Scott and he cognizes many new things.
White Fang meets with a dog Collie, chickens, horses and good people.
But he run into maniac, White Fang kills him. Mr. Scott rescues White Fang and White Fang rescues life of his God.
The book is ended happily, White Fang has a humanfamily and with bitch Collie has puppys.

I choose this book, because I like nature and wildlife. The animalhero is very lovely and nice. And in his lifetime is a parallel with life of author.

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