Jaromír Jágr

Present team: Washington Capitals
Born: February 15.2 1972 in Kladno
Height: 188 cm
Weight: 103 kg
Drafted: 1990, in 1st round as 5th total (Pittsburgh Penguins)
Position: Right Wing
Number: 68

Jaromír Jágr is perhaps most known hockey-player in our country. He was born at 15.2.1972 in Kladno. Before he started his path, he help to his parents (Jaromír and Anna) and sister with covering 35 ars of arable land. Jaromir made his first hockey steps in PZ Kladno. In sixteen years old he already saw his future, he wanted to play in the NHL! He experienced the peak of his career at the World championship in Switzerland in 1990 when he was only 18 years old. The "young rifles“- Jagr, Reichel and Holik - were the most assertive forwards of our selection. Then nothing stood in their way to NHL. On a draft in 1990 he was chosen as the fifth player by Pittsburgh Penguins, a team that hosted his idol Mario Lemieux. All of the sudden they were supposed to play together. The first year he reached 57 points (27 goals and 30 passes) and he was chosen to play among the best configuration of new players. And on top of that, he touched the Stanley cup when he was barely 20 years old. In 1996 he made his personal record- unbelievable 149 points! In season 1998-1999 he was captain of Penguins. Since 2001 he is in the team Washington Capitals.


1984 - 1990 - Kladno
1989 - ME until 18 years - 2. position
1990 - (-2001)Pittsburgh Penguins (NHL)
1990 - MS until 20 years - 3. position, All Stars Team
1990 - MS - 3. position
1991 - Canadian Cup - 6. position
1994 - MS - 5. position
1996 - World Cup- 8. position
1998 - ZOH – Olympic winner
2001 - Washington Capitals
2002 - ZOH - 5.- 8. position
2002 - MS - 5. position

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Dobrý den,
PAN Jágr je frajer a gentleman v naši zemi nevídaný. Uznal svou chybu, omluvil se všem přítomným u nehody, to zatím nikdo nikdy u nás neudělal, i politici a "celebrity" jsou vždy nevinné . Velice si Vás vážím. A