When I was a child I had never thought about my future career. I was influenced by stories and fairy-tales and I wanted to have various adventures. Hardly any of those came true because children´s views of the world are too romantic. Then I started to attend Basic School and all my dreams changed. I was interested in many things - in nature, music (I played the piano, the guitar and listened to music a lot), practising sports (volleyball, swimming), in culture (going to the cinema, to the theatre, seeing exhibitions), in reading. I was quite good at school, I liked all my school subjects. My plans for my future career changed from day to day. I wanted to be an actor, a cook, a vet, a scientist, a postman, a teacher, a hairdresser, a journalist, a judge, an artist… Later my parents advised me to go on to Secondary School. During my studies I began to think about my future more seriously and so did my parents. It was not easy. I wanted to work with people, I wanted to do something meaningful for them. I did not like those people who were lazy or abused their jobs. Since the first form I have been attending the scout group. I started to like my work very much. Now I´m keen on preparing games for children, camping, trips… And I´ve established a directory of fans of my favourite music group Suede and I devote it nearly all my leisure time. I have never thought about being a director of a fanclub. I´d like to move to London, where I have really lot of friends. My parents, however, don´t share my opinion with my enthusiasm. They are right in their way, they want only the best for me and they said that they won´t defend me going there. I prefer learning languages, so I´m looking forward to my studies in London. Anyway, I´ll try to apply to a university in Prague. And because I´m keen on computers, I´ll try some computer branch. In the future I´d like to devote my life to making web pages. What are the advantages and disadvantages of my future job? I know that it is a very attractive job and internet is going to be widespread in all over the world. I am ready for anything - travelling, working at nights… I will have to devote a great deal of time to my work. I know that whole-day sitting at the computer isn´t good for our health, so I´m going to stay as a guide of scout group of some else outside organisation. When my parents found out, that I am serious and I am not a kid anymore, they started to help me and they found a student agency for me. I don´t want to disappoint them or myself.

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  4. srpen 2008
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