John Grisham - The street lawyer

Characters: Michael Brock
Thirty years old rich lawyer,who works for Drake and Sweeney.
He is good looking and he don´t like his life. He livas in Washington.

Mordecai Green
Old and fat black man. He works in 14th law center for homeless people.

This story is about life and how can life change in one month.
One day, Michael was going to his job at Drake and Sweeney. In elevator, he met poor black man. He walked to his office and the man followed him. When they were in Michael´s office the man took gun and shouted:,,Hands up´´. All lawyers, who were in the office was afraid of him. The man told them that his name was Mister and he had dynamite around his waist. He wanted to know, who did the eviction, but nobody knew, what eviction he meant. Then policemen ran to the office and killed him.

Michael wasn´t able to think and he walked and walked. While he was walking, he saw an old building. This building was the 14th law center. He walked into and looked round the office. It was very old and cheap. There were only an old computer and phone. A large black man was talking to woman . This man was Mordecai Green. When Mordecai saw him, he said hello to him and they talked about Mister. After this Michael went to his mother and father.

When he arrived back to Washington he had found his apartment empty. His wife wasn´t there. A phone rang. It was Mordecai. He wanted Michael to do some work in a shelter. In the shelter Michael met a young homeless women with three children. Her name was Lontae Burton. Michael liked her and her children. He went out and bought them some clothes, but when he arrived Lontae wasn´t there.

Next morning were in TV terrible news: Lontae with her children died in their car. After this, Michael decided to change his life. He want to help poor people as a lawyer in the 14th law center. He left his job in Drake and Sweeney. Last day in his job he found two keys in his table. One of the Chance´s door and one of his table. He went to the Chance´s office and theft files, what were in the table. It were files about RiverOaks and about eviction of ,,squatters,,. One ,,squatter,, was mister and next was Lontae Burton. But they weren´t squatters, they were living in it. The eviction was wrong.

One day, detectives take Michael to prison for theft,but next day he went out of it. He and Mordecai started lawsuit against Drake and Sweeney. They won and D and S gave them four million dollars. They gave some money to Lontae´s mother and some money to homeless people. Michael divorced with his wife anh he found beautiful woman Megan……………..HAPPY END……….

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