Leonardo da Vinci

Leonardo da Vinci,the most famous master of the Renaissance period, was apprenticed to (vyučen)Andrea Verocchio in Florent.(an author of the monument to Bartolomeo Colleoni- the first equstrian statue.)

Leonardo learned by making studies and from the nude and from draped models, plants and animals. He explored the secrets of the human body by dissecting more than thirty corpses. He was a painter, who never accept what he read without checking it with his own eyes and moreover he made new discoveries in many branches like optics- camera obscura, mechanics- flying machines,weapons,devices (přístroje), perspective-using of colour and proportions. He had also near to the theatre- he designing of new effects for stage performance and costumes.
He was not only fantastic painer, but aslo an excellent scientist. He probe into the mystery of the growth of the child in the womb. But he didn´t publicate his studies,maybe in fear of persecution for heretical (kacířské) opinions. We find in his writings five famous words: The sun does not move, where he anticipated Copernicus. He wrote down everything in note and sketchbooks for his pupils and admirers (obdivovatelé).He thought that the artist´s business was to explore the visible wod just as his predecessors ( předchůdci) had done, only more accuracy (precizně). It is interesting, that his notes can only be read in a mirror, because he was left- handed.

Between his most popular works belongs:
- An equestrian statue on the court of Lodovico Sforza
- The edoration of the magy (klanění 3 králů)
- The Annunciation (Zvěstování)
- St. Jeronym
- The Last supper
- Lady with Ermine
- Mary with the Crist Child and the Saint Anne
- The battle by Anghiari
- Mona Lisa Giocconda

Other expressions and themes common in Renaissance:

Nativity – narození Krista
The Assumption- nanebevzetí
Noahś Arch – Noenova archa
The flood of the World
The Crucifiction
The holy family
The Last Judgement
The Genesis
The Lamentation- oplakávání
John the Baptist- Jan Křtitel
The Baptism of Crist
Patron saints of the Czech land- Čeští světci

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