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I like films. I like watching DVD. My favorite film is Pirates of the Caribbean with Johny Depp in one of the leading roles. I´m interested about films and films star. They live differently. They have big houses with large gardens and swimming pools. They have stylist who make beautiful faces. They have nutritionists. They have everything.


Depp was born on 9th June in 1963 in Lousville. His father was a city engineer and his mother was a waitress. He has one brother and two sisters. In 1978, when Johnny was 15, his parents were divorced. Johnny Depp's first major role was in the horror film A Nightmare in Elm Street in 1984. The film's Edward Scissorhands success began a long association with Buton. Depp has played in several of his films. He has played in film Pirates of the Caribbean as pirate Captain Jack Sparrow. His next better lines was Willy Wonka in film Charlie and the Chocolate Factory . He has played in thirty films.


He has eight scars on his left hand, because he notes his various life experiences by cutting his bodyBut he has good reputation as actor. He is a star but he isn´t bigheaded. I think he is a common man. He has child who was born 24 th May in 1999. S Her name is Lily-Rose Melody Depp. He lives with his french girlfriend in Paris. She is actrees and her name is Vanessa Paradis.

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