Looking Through the Mirror

It is Friday afternoon. I am going along the street. I am thinking about the essay on the theme, “Looking through the Mirror“. “It would be great, to win the competition and visit England for a month“ I rejoice when I am opening the door of our flat.

We have a dark hall in our flat. When I was young I was worried of this hall. I am taking off my jacket, when I suddenly see an peculiar shadow. “ Is it a burglar? Should I shouted or should I run away?“I think fast. I am looking for a switch. At last I switch on the light. “Oh, it isn’t a burglar. It is only an reflexion of my face.“ I don’t know why, but something is drawing me up to the mirror. I am standing in front of the mirror. In the mirror is laughing unknown boy who looks like me. He waves at me to a greeting and he gets on the bus with the group of young people. “What is it?“ I am asking myself. The mirror is projecting a story.

My eyes are watching the young boy but in fact I am looking with his eyes. Now his group is boarding to a big ship, which looks like a ferry. But something is very strange, the people are speaking, but I can’t hear their voices. I am only watching their moving mouth.

Just at the moment the ferry is landing. The boy goes on the bank.The group is getting again on the bus and goes for one hour to the big city. The group is getting out from the bus and the boy is endeavouring to catch them, but the streets are crowded and he gets lost his group. He is sitting on the pavement and he is starting to cry. “Don’t cry!“ I say him and he is really getting to calm. I imagine to be in the position of this boy. It must be strange to get lost in a foreign city. But let’s go back to our story. The boy is taking his luggage and going away. I don’t think that he knows where he is going.
It is already getting dark and the boy has aching legs. “I would like to find a hotel or some accommodation because the main thing is the bet.“ I can hear him how he complains of his situaton. He is alone in the street but suddenly there is a pretty girl of my age. She shoutes something on the boy because he turns. An interesting thing is that it is a sole person who I can understand. “Wait for me!“ she is crying at the boy. He stops and he is getting red.

At last she is here.Near him. I can feel how his heart is pounding. Like after a heart stroke. The girl smells very good. She tells him. “Hello, you are walking and you don’t know where you are going, do you? I am looking a you all the day.“ The girl judged all my troubles, but it isn’t all. The girl continues: “ You’ve got lost, haven’t you?“ she crowded me with questions. “ And you don’t have any accommodation, don’t you?“ says she. The boy says only: “ No, I haven’t.“ The girl is starting laughing: “ We have a very nice hotel, it isn’t problem to accommodate you. Come with me, I ‘ll show you it.“ I listened to a dialogue between the girl and the boy.

But suddenly the boy stopped. “I can’t go with you, because I don’t have any money.“ he says to the girl. But the girl is laughing again:“I say to you that we own the family hotel. Don’t worry about paying.“

The girl was an angel. She took the boy to the hotel and showed him his bed. When he woke up in the morning the girl hadn’t already been in the hotel. There was only a message: I will love you to the end of my live.“ The boy reads the message again and again and I feel that he is going to cry. It was really his dream girl. Eventually he packs up his luggage and leaves the hotel. In front of the hotel his group is waiting. They are getting on the bus and they are going to the ferry.
I am tearing off my eyes out of the mirror. “It was a great story!“ I think. I look at my watches, it is 6 o ‘clock p.m. I don’t believe my eyes. I stayed in front of the mirror only for two minutes. Is it possible? I am suprised. I am going to have a shower and then I am going to my bedroom. I am so busy with my school subjects! But who was the boy from the story? Was it me?

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