Lost generation


- is dated from the begining of the 20. cent. till the WW2
- the most productive period in the american fiction
- records the feelings of disillusionment caused by WW1.
- describes life, which they enjoyed the full
- the authors were influenced by the ideas of Europe, because the WW1. took a place especially on the Old continent, not in America
- occures the ideas of sexual librety, we can find not-discussed ideas
- stress on the influence of sex in behaviour of people
- when the crises of 1929 came (on the Black Friday), they started to search of the roots of evil in society, besause the crash on a stock mark caused, that people lost their job, what led to pouerty, prostitution...
- the founder of the term „lost generation“ has been :
Gertrude Stein
- an american writer, who created the group
- was famous of her life and relationships to men
- tried to apply in literature what painters - Picasso, Matise Braque - were doing in arts  break with conventions and achieve simplicity
- did not use the punctation
- main representative

Sherwood Anderson
- started in 40 years, left his familly and succesfull job
- revolted against conventions
- main charakters are introspectiv
Triumph of the Eggy
Horses And Man

John Dos Pasos
- dramatist, esseyst, reporter, journalist, mostly prose
- Harward Uni., than studied architecture
- wrote about WW1. :
Three Soldiers
 psychological analyses of the effect of the war on three different types if people, idea- army can killthe people; life of three soldiers is destroyed by the stereotype and brutality in own army
 trilogy; broad survey of public life in USA
 1. „The 42nd Parael“
2. „The Big Money“
The Garbage Man
Francis Scott Fitzgerald
- came from quite rich familly
- university in Princeton, what influenced all his life, because there studied the richiest people and he wanted to becoma one of them
- he married Zelda Zeyer, who came from very rich familly
- author of Jazz Age
- wrote many stories to magazines because of the money and later became famous, but also proud
Tales of The Jazz Age
All The Sad Young Man
 money have also destroying effect on people; the rich society does not také you if you were not born into this society
 new erotic features (kissing in cars, short skirts..)

- Zelda started to be jealuos, wrote aggainst her husband, suffered from breakdown and finally she had a psychlogical disease
- in this time started his problems with alcohol
Tender Is The Night
This Side of Paradise
The Great Gatsby
 the destroying power of money

- than he went to Hollywood and wrote some scenarious; drank a lot
The Last Tycoon
 did not finish

William Faulkner

Sincler Lewis

John Steinbeck
The Grapes of Wrath
The Mice And Man

( 1899 - 1961 )

An american novelist, short-story writer and the most important author in lost generation. He was born in Illinois 21st July 1899 into a poor familly. His father was a doctor, who took after all coloured people although they didn´t pay him. He stood for the oppinion that everybody is equal and took his son often with to know, how the real life is. They had very good relationships in familly.
He became a reporter and than as a volunteer went to the war (WW1.) - to Italy, where he was wounded (zraněn) as the first of american soldiers.
Than he setteled in Paris and cooperated with Gertrude Stein.
In 30´s he spent some time in Florida or on the ways across Africa, Spain...
During the WW2. he worked as a newspaper correspondent and as a reporter he participated in several battles.
After the war he setteled in Cuba, but not for a long time, because thanks to the revolution he had to return to states.
To his hobbies belonged fishing, hunting, sport, bulls fighting..and nature at all, because he loved it.
In 1954 he was given a Nobel price for literature.
He was married for 4 times, his 1. wife gave him a son nicknamed Bumbie, who´s reflected in shortstories.
On 2nd July he commited a suicide.

- uncomplicated vocabs, structure and style; words are not waisted neplýtvá slovy
- 2 types of heroes • deeply depresed and detached by WW1., but full of emotions and
faith, man or a woman
• simple man, fighter, describes his courrage
- theory of iceberg: only touches a main problem, which is hidden under the surface povrch
- objective style
- discoveries of nature,
- created contrast between life and death
- created nick stories, where Nick is main character and have autobiographical features

Three Stories And Ten Poems
Man Without Woman (including „The Killers“)
Winner Takes Nothing
 first novel he wrote
Sun Also Rises  Fiesta
 autobiographic features
Farewell To Arms
 also autobiographic. features
 about soldier in WW1. called Frederic Henry, who works as an ambulance driver, he fells in love with a nurse.. they don´t want to be in a war any more, so they escape to Switzerland, Catherina becomes pregnant, but unfortunately she dies with their baby during the delivery
 main idea: the whole war tragedy is just a nonsense

- he was a keen hunter, also hunted in Africa

Green Hills of Africa
Have And Not Have
The Fifths Column
Whom The Bell Tolls
 reflection of spanish war
 we can see the point of friendship
 the idea: noone is only the island for himself
Across The River
Into The Trees
 colonal plukovník fells in love with very young girl

The Old Man And The Sea
 Hemigway got a Nobel price for thi work
 shows the strenght and fight of human-being with nature; will of people
 main characters: Manolin, Sea, Old man
A Moveable Feast
 comes back in his memories into Paris
Islands In The Stream
The Snow Of Kilimanjaro

The fact, that Hemingway was very symphatetic person, who understood others declares the work by the writter Hotcher, called Papa Hemingway.

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