Mobile phones - a great invention?

Almost every body has a mobile phone. But is it a great invention? I think there are both advantages and disaadvantages.

In my opion, the main advantage is, connecting people. Without phone calling, I think we can’t imagine our world as we know it now. Every day, we are calling by our mobile phones. Only one phone calling can save many lives and that is the most important thing.

But mobile phones can do much, much more. Today’s mobile phones can completely replace computers, laptops, cameras, GPS navigators or cookbook too. If you have nothing to do, you can play pretty good games or you can just update your status on social network’s. We could write about, what smart phones can do all day long, maybe next time.

Nothing is perfect, the same is with mobile phones. We spend a lot of money by using mobile phones. Somebody is able to spend a huge amount of money. In these cases, I thing it is totaly unnecessary. But if someone doesn’t mind about it, then why not. But for normal people, like me, it isn’t nice.

There are also a dependences. Somebody can be dependent on sending and recieving SMS message’s. These people are texting all the time. I think, it is like smoking or biting nails. They spent money on it and it could be uncomfortable for people around. Like you are in a pub with your friend’s and one of your friend is checking and texting all the time. I hate that. I really do. I would do a punishment’s for that. If someone just check‘s his mobile, all right, no problem, but he would had to pay a round. Ha. They would stop. Definitely. And it would be fun to watch.

Mobile phones are definitely a great invention. You can’t imagine living without your mobile phones, can you? Just like me and everybody else. Phone mobiles, were, are and for a long long time will be part of our hole life. And I thing the part, is going to be bigger and bigger.

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No ty chyby ke konci, to bych si fakt dala pozor než to dát on-line ....(hole life/whole life, I thing/I think), ale jinak O.K.