Mr. Bean goes to the swimming pool

When Mr. Bean came to the swimming pool he saw children whose sliding down. He ran to the slide. He climbed the slide. He sat on the slide. As soon as he started to slide, a lifeguard noticed him. The lifeguard whistled. Mr. Bean got shock. He was climbing up the slide. The lifeguard asked him if he could leave the slide.

Mr. Bean went to the swimming pool when he saw a tower. He run to the tower. He was climbing on the upper tower. As soon as he climbed up and crawled to the edge and he looked down. He got shrink. He holded the handrail and he looked scared. He lay down and crawled to edge. He looked down again. He got scared while come two boys. He stand up. He acted brave. He squateed the edge but he coldn´t jump down. While the boys were waiteing for him to jumped, he was sitting in a skwot and then he turned on his back. He sat up and looked down again. He carefully crawl out the edge, having his face scared, and he caught the edge. He was hanging there, trying not to fall. The lifeguard couldn´t belive his eyes. One boy steped on Mr. Bean‘s fingers. Mr. Bean fell down.

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