My family (and my sister)

We are live in family house in Neratovice. My mothers job is secretary in Spolana and my father is service man in Prague.My hobby is working on computer, sailing, swimming and driving bike. I goes at school Gymnazium Frantiska Palackeho in Neratovice.

My sister's name is Šárka.She is 167 cemtimeters high,she has a brown eyebrow,longer brow hair andbrown eyes.She has big muschles,because she trains.She is 16 years old and she goes to gymnasisuFP.She studies very well and she always has a honours.In her free time she goes rowing.From spring to autumn she goes to shipyard to lobkovice where she rows on the river Labe.In winter she goes to the sporting hall where she spends aproximately three hours.She strenghts,runs and plays varios games with her gilfriends.In winter she goes to the Solana's mountain hut to Krkonoše for skiing.She likes cross-country skiing.She sometimes plays computer games in the evning on the computer which we have together.She usualy plays logical games but sometimes she plays an action game. she oten studies so she has such good marks.Beforeshe goes to bed ,she pay attention to hygiene.She clens teeaths and braces,and she cleans her face.She goes to bed about 10 o'clock p.m. and she gets up on 6:30a.m.I think I have a good sister because she always helps me.

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  30. červen 2008
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Jako zhruba taková předloha je to dobrý, ale pozor na chyby, jsou tam taky. :-)