My Family

We live in family house. Our house has got cellar, two floor and soil. My grandfather and grandmother live in first floor. I, brother, mum and father live in second floor. Cellar and are uninhabited. We live in Kotvrdovice opposite pub and dentist. Is it small and nice village with two ponds, one park, four pubs, two shops, one village chapel and one playground.

Our family has got six members. I, brother, mum, father, grandmother and grandfather and any pets.

I am .... I am sixteen years old. My stature is short and slim. I have green eyes, small mouth and long dark brown hair. I love hip hop, football, my friends, family and laughter. I did play football. My hobbies are hip hop, football, friends, ride on bike, dance and run. I hate school. I am optimistic, cheerful, sociable, trustworthy, sincere, talkative, pig – headed and friendly.

My brother is .... He is thirteen years old. He is short and slim. His eyes are brown and his hair too with blond strips. He plays football, ice-hockey and table tennis. His hobbies are car, sports and music. His the most favourite pop ground is Kabát. He is tanned. He is friendly, energetic, brave and successful. I like him.

Name my mother is .... She is trirty-seven years old. My mum is short and half-slim. Her eyes are brown and her hair is dark brown with red strips. She is cleaning-woman. Her hobbies are play table tennis, ride on bike and watch football. She likes cook and swim. She is reliable, sensible, economical and kind.

My father is .... He is trirty-eight years old. He is tall and slim. His eyes are green. He has got short black hair and black beard. He is locksmith. He makes springs. He is friendly, kind, sensible and handsome men.

My grandfather is ... too. He is sixty-three years old. His stature is tall and medium build. He goes on crutches. He is invalid pensioner and chairman SZP. He likes watch football and travel bus.

My grandmother is .... She is sixty-two years old. She is invalid.

Our two dogs live in cellar. Their name are Tom and Endži. They are three years old. Tom has long red hair. His airs are long. His eyes are dark brown. Endži has short white hair with two brown splodge. They hate cats and hens. They are very kind.

We have guinea-pig. Is it she. Her name is ... Her color is grey-red-black with white blaze on her head. She has got very nice eyes. She likes very fast run, sunflower and fresh salad.

Our parrot is he. His name is ... He likes fly in my room, sunflower and apples. He is very nice colouring. He has got faucet on his head and big and long wings.


We have got tortoise too. His name is ..., but it is he. He has got very long claws. His color is dark green. He likes meat. His hobbies are swim and sunbathe.

We are super family.

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to je ale fail anglina omg naco to tu davaju napises to a mas aj to aj tak za 5
ruzena seznam(zavináč)
pekna blbost , gramatika jak to jsem nekdo mohl dat , to nechapu