My family

I live with my family in our family house in a suburb of Prague. Under one roof here live my mother, father, my younger sister and my grandmother. My mother´s name is Helena and she is thirty nine. She works as an lead accountant in publisher of printed matter, SEVT. She likes her job, but she´s really busy. She is tall and slim, has got short, straight ginger hair with fringe and blue eyes. She wears glasses because she is short-sighted. In community she seems quite shy, but she´s really ambitious and she isn´t afraid of anything. She likes reading. Most of all she likes books written by Ed McBain and Aghata Christie. Except from reading she likes gardening. I think that if she wasn´t an accountant, she would be a gardener. Next she likes animals and scouting. She is also interested in music. She likes bands like Rolling Stones, Queen and the Beatles. She often wears casual clothes like jeans and jaskets. But she can be very elegant, when she wants. Sometimes, she´s very nervous, explosive and she shouts at me and my sister without any reason. But this is only when she has some problems at work; usually, she´s very kind, reliable and helpful. She likes me and I like her. My father´s name is Vladimír and he is forty three. He works as a driver for a company which imports car segments. Two weeks he works in Prague and two weeks he works night workshift. When he has night workshift, he usually drives to Slovakia or to Ostrava. His former profession is car mechanic, but he´s very skilful in everything for our house and car. He is very tall, has got brown hair and eyes. He wears moustache and has nice bald head, which is called "mýtinka" by us. Most of all he likes cars and driving. Apart from that he likes joking. He´s the best joker I´ve ever seen. Most of all he´s making jokes at the account of my mother. He´s really peaceful, I think that he´s nearly phlegmatic. He would never hurt anyone. My father is really fantastic. My sister´s name is Alena and she is 13. She attends basic language school. She is very lazy, so her results aren´t very good. She is very tall and slim, has got long straight brown hair and blue eyes. Most of all she likes animals. She has got small white rabbit called Sněhulka and she loves her very much. She is very quarrelsome, mean, malicious, obstinate and light minded. But I like her, she´s my sister. And my family is really important for me. My parents are very friendly and nice although sometimes they are tired and become moody or sad. But I can rely on them and they always help me. In the future I would like to have family like this.

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Umí dobře anglicky.........Ale myslím že to mohl dotáhnout dál než na řidiče autobusu(TT