My family

My name is Michaela.I live together with my parents in Pilsen, in the neighbourhood Lochotín. Here we live in our´s own flat 3+1. I don´t have any brothers or sisters, for this reason is our flat big enough. Nevertheless my parents decided to built our´s own house. I really look forward when we´ll move, my father don´t like perfabs and and prefers to live in a house- in the same way as me.

Together with my family lives our little puppy of the yorkshire-terrier. Her name is Kathy and she is really lovely and uncontrolled, as a young child.

My father´s name is Richard, he´s 40 years old. He´s a private businessman but he used to teach in the high school. He´s got a lot of hobbies including skiing, tennis, fitness and he really likes hockey and footbal too. He regurarly goes on hockey matches in Pilsen. My father is really calm. It´s very rare he gets angry and he likes to make a lot of jokes.

My mother Lea is 40 yeras old. She´s an accountant but now she´s in the invalid pension, so she´s at home and helps to my father. Her favourite hobby are horses, she liked them as early as she was young. She also likes reading, she reads a lot. But I hve to remark this fact isn´t good for me because she forces me to do it in like manner, but I haven´t got so much time for it.

My grandmother Dagmar is 72 years old and she lives over the street and accordingly she´s very often by us. I like her very much. She´s very nice and a very good cooks besides this. She was a nurse and I think for this reason somethimes she is very much worried about our health.

My secon grandmother- mother of my father-is Eva. She´s also affected with her job- she was a teacher and the director of the school. You can´t imagine, how crazy she somethimes bahaves!

I had two grandfathers - Miroslav and Bedřich, but both of then are after death now, I have never seen them.

And something about me : I´m 18 years old and this year I am going to graduate from this school. I would like to study something connected with languages, history or psychology. But first, I have to graduate and than pass the entrance exams. What I´ll really do in my future, is somewhere in the stars above us. But I don´t to be a bussinesswoman in my future, I don´t like the responsibility. I hve a lot of hobbies, I spend a lot of time with sport. When I was younger, I swam and played basketball, but when I was 12, I started to do the water skiing which I´m still doing.I´m interested in the fine arts too, I visited 8 years the art school and in my 14 I wold have gone to the Art conservatorie, but today is eventually all different. And I also like music, i enjoy the feeling, when you can really turn off your brain and listen only to the music. And what kind of music do I like? Well, It´s the rock music. I like travelling a lot. I have been to many countries and I really like to learn something new about customs, culture of different countries and than compare with us.

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