This is not my favourite topic, but I must speak about it for 15 minutes so I will tell you something about fashion, clothes and I will describe my sister (her build and character).
Women dress differently than men. Old people dress differently than young people or teenagers. Clothes which are worn by rich people change very quickly, because they can pay more money then poorer people. But everybody wants to look good in public even sometimes it is very disputable :-). You wear other clothes in house and other clothes in school or work. It’s very important what season is and what the weather is outside.
When it’s hot, everyone feels better in clothes which are light and airy. In summer women wear blouses, T-shirts and miniskirts. In contrast to women men wear shorts, short-sleeved shirts or T-shirts. But everybody wear trainers, underwear and sunglasses. When it’s colder, many people prefer warmer clothing and when it’s raining outside the best things you can wear are your large umbrella or long raincoat.
Winter is also the time of public parties and balls. There women wear nice evening dress with some jewellery. Men wear some suits usually dark colour. But when people go to work, they dress in clothes like overalls, dirt pants, gloves and wellingtons.
But in each country people dress differently.

My sister is two years old and her name is Anne-Marie. She is a nice baby. She has got long wavy hair, blond coloured. Her face is small but smart. She has got big brown eyes and small nose. She has got red lips which she inherit from my mum. Anne-Marie has all teeth what she should have, but they are yellow because she love sweets.
Her figure is for the present small but she will be tall very tall. Anne-Marie is 80 cm tall and she is very slim. Her limbs are long as well as her fingers. She wear nickers and vest and polo neck or T- shirt, tights and track suit. And now character.
Anne-Marie is a very cheerful children. She is very friendly, she likes to play with other children. But she isn’t so generous. She want everything for herself. But she isn’t mean, too. She isn’t very sensible and hard-working child. Anne-Marie is as busy as a bee. Now she is ill so she feels miserable and she is as quiet as a mouse.
She is over the moon when my mum buys something for her. But sometimes she is a pain in the neck. But Anne-Marie is my sister and I love her. She is good as gold.

That’s all what I cook up. I’m so tired so I will go sleep Good night

written by: Suchna

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