The Garden

She was working in clothes shop. It was hard work. She was returning home late at night. At home, she cooked to her father. Her father drank. Some time later she had enough money to buy some flowers. She had them at the balcony. Her neghbout, Fred, knew it. He adviced her how to make better and larger and more beautiful garden. She made a balcony garden. Her father did not like Fred and her flowers. One day, there was a querrel between her and her father. She ran to Fred,s flat. But Fred was dead, because he was very ill. When he returned, her balcony garden was destroyed. Her father was locked in his room. She ran to her room. She packed her clothes and some other things and ran out of her home. By bus, she arrived far away from her home, from her father, frome her old life. She found a work here. It was garden work. Mrs Smith,s son, Harry, came one day by her into garden. He wanted to talk to her. But she told him how men are stupid, they only drink and fight and destroy everything. She ran from Harry. He never came back to her again. She made her own garden with beautiful flowers. She told Mrs Smith to sell them in city. Mrs Smith agreed. So she went to city, to garden shop. She sold her flowers there. When she was returning back to bus stop, she met a beggar. He was her father, he apologized her. She returned back to her home, back to her old life. She wrote a letter to Mrs Smith that she ends with her work at her. Her father has changed, he did not drink, he was gentle and he liked her balcony garden. Some time later, Harry arrived to her flat with bunch of flowers. This had repeated few times. Than she asked her to marry him. She said:”Yes.”

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