The Family photo - popis,description

This is an average European family in the picture bellow. It consists of two parents and two children. The father of the family is quiet tall and thin. He must be in his thirties. He has short, dark hair and no beard. He is smiling and he looks in a good mood. He is wearing a white shirt and black trousers. And we an also see modern leather shoes. He is holding his daughter. She must be at about ten or less. She has long dark hair in a ponytail. She is wearing a blue jumper and pink throusers. She has trainers on her feet. She is looking on her young mother, who is standing beside his husband. She has the same hair as her daughter even the long ponytail. She is wearing a shirt and a yellow sweater. She has also gray trousers on. She is holding theirs second child. It is a small boy. I guess he is six. He has a stripped jumper and blue jeans on. We can also see his white socks and trainers, the same as his sister. I like this picture of the family. All the members look relaxed and happy. I wish I had the same one day.

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  30. prosinec 2007
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