Music festival experience

During the summer holiday I went to a music festival in Budyně nad Ohří. It was going to be my first festival and I was looking forward to it a lot. There were playing four bands, which I like. And in fact each of them presents a different kind of music.

However everything depended on the weather. It seemed to be bright and sunny day, but after the first performer, it started raining heavily. There were three breaks between each artist, so everytime I went to hide somewhere. I was thinking of going home, but I decided to stay longer. I have already paid for the ticket and I also haven’t seen the next artist on the stage (my friend told me that they are supposed to be really great).

Finally I stayed till the end. The musicians tried their best, because more then half of visiters left the festival before the end. I liked it very much in spite of the bad weather.

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