My daily programe

Every mine day is full work and duty, therefore I all week long heavy. This roundabout begins early Monday and ends on Friday night. I usually rise in half past five, when me begins loud ring the bell mine new alarm - clock with coloured display . This alarm - clock I got like present to vanocum. After awakening leave to the bathroom, where wash his face and hands, clean teeth and shape hair and start paint. Description me will occupy morning much time, I want namely like. Then decide what clothe. For choice carry jeans and comfortable vest, best rosy colours. Rosy I have namely for choice. After clothe I am going you - crown his dog. At three quarters on six return and feed his rabbit and gold fishlet. Out I have to go out to school every day so in half past six, go by by train from train station, which is as late as neighbouring village.Way at the railway station me lasts round fifteen minutes. Eleventh - hour get on to the of my train, whereby I am going to Hradce Králové, then change trains on next train, which goes to the Chrudimi. Every morning I have little time somewhere at least for a moment hold back for example I can't get nor purchase snack. To the Chrudimi, where study middle hotel school Bohemia conduct approximately round half past seven. Also already me several times it happened, that I overslept. It then I am going petition parents if me no carry to school by car.Meanwhile papa always take pity and drove me until Chrudimi. Every morning at school I have to put into from of my favourite clothing. We have to namely at school go in social clothing. Even if I must say, that and social clothing like carry for I become well. Class begins in eight o'clock. It pays only at our place, because every class has one of his own time - table. Some class lasts forty - five minutes if ours class no annoies and teachers no will extend class over interval, which lasts mostly ten minutes mine one’s which is among second and third class the lasts twenty minutes. In the interval we've possibility go refresh to the our school snack - bar, to which say chaos, and buy dinners on next day. Can we also leave school and go purchase to the business, but majority of people [the this interval derive benefit from hereto, to they could have gone skirt on blow. I this time most often use preparation on next class. Class does either in of our class or in different laboratories sometimes in gymnasium, which is two kilometers from schools and where we have to on Thursdays happen. Way to us lasts perhaps quarter of an hour, and is very troublesome, because we have to every time go out long stairs, that are in cold frostbitten. When the get to gymnasium and want to go in we have to change or withdraw from ready pantie - belts. Then go to the dressing rooms, where put into to the exercise attire and go train. Exercising me very amuses because I have to sport positive relation. O noon - hour, which lasts forty - five minutes like some class usually go for lunch to the of our school restaurant. In of our school restaurant us wait on schoolmates or students from another vintage, because attendance we've either as practice. Ours class has practice on Tuesday namely attendance or cooking every week it diversifies. Even week we've cooking and odd week attendance. At cooking we have to every have special clothing to the kitchen namely give a name overland flow-Don, every who wear long hair must is have bound and must have cooking cap and everything clothing is whites. Mostly after closure practice is very dirty. On attendance we have to carry long black skirt above knees and white blouse like students 1st vintage. In the second vintage already get all same uniforms is difference only, that boyhood have black trousers and girls black skirt. Practice is better day than when is normal class. But I have of course favourite subjects for example German language, mathematics, economic calculations, technology office work and had I much like and English language, but recently we've great deal of exercise from hereof subject and hence I have picked and some bad stemps namely taint with mine general benefit and at the same time me mine pertinent failure is taking verve and motivation to the next work. Ours general taught lasts every time otherwise, decides according to the schedule throw, that would have have every student script as well as should hang in every class. Mostly we've by three o'clock namely on Monday and on Tuesday, on Wednesday and on Thursday we've into two

o'clock and on Friday all school ends about half past one, to students who commute and lives on boardinghouse or in private flat could as soon as one can home. When the finishes class all at once push up to the cloak - rooms so that isn't possibility there get, therefore I have to wait, as far as at last I will get to the dressing rooms and put into . Leave in conjunction with of my friend Judith on train. Judith namely also commutes from Hradce Královés. First we have to get on train station, so that were given to the Rosic, where change trains on train home to the Hradce Králové. By every by train lasts way approximately twenty minutes so that at the railway station in Hradci dostanu so behind forty minutes. In Hradci musím wait for train which me will take to home to the Urbanic. Way from Hradce Královés home lasts approximately ten minutes. On the way home, sometimes I am doing some spending or only walk around town and wait on train, which me will take to home. When the come home first put into and I have to wash up. Will I tell you flat hallo mine dog and I am going to him then touch one's hat of my brother and parents if are at home. When the finish housework I have to go teach. Mostly time me recently will occupy preparation on class English language. Sometimes me therefore becomes, that no catch preparation on other subjects. Indeed if I have homework and English me will occupy all spare time I have to everything process at night. That morning then I much tired and labour with by my assembly at school. Sometimes write letters mine friends from different cities. Mostly correspond it's good friend Lenkou. Also send postcard from many cities as is Plzen, Prague, Hradec Králové, Czech Budejovice and Brno. It according to situation, where by chance quote. K evening returns from work mummy. Mostly yet talk what was at school and mom tells what behind all day long in work experience. Since handle people her experiences are sometimes very amusing. Dinner cook accordingly what we've biggest taste. Mostly have a supper wheel eighth o'clock evening. Then we have to wash up. Dishes washs most often papa, but if to us will not let dishes on morning namely washs always mom. Very please when approximates week - end and I'll have at least a little time only for himself. Best fridays are in winter period it namely go by with gang friends on mountains. Go by on night skiing to the Olesnice in Orlickych mountains. Most of us already on skis not only, but favourite we are snowboardy. Snowboard is so mine best - loved little horse and on mountains feel really happily. Z Olesnice return as far as before midnight. How I'll arrive home I have to yet clean snowboard and hang everything wet clothing. Most important is, to don't forget let sadly dry shoes. When the I have everything ready I am going you-take a showerbath and wash off. Then already may I go to bed. At fall asleep listening to radio or cassette player, lie and at last fall asleep. Sometimes mine business before the meeting turns, but in this article I described it what's to be done most often and mostly and regularly.

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