My Daily Programme

Each of my days is full of work and duties, therefore I am always busy and short of time. This "merry-go-round" starts on Monday morning and ends on Friday evening. I usually get up at six o´clock. After waking up I wash my face and hands, brush my teeth and comb my hair. Then I decide what to wear. After getting dressed I walk my dog. At quarter to seven I feed my rabbit and golden fish. I must commute to school every day so at seven o´clock I must go to our tram station and get on my tram. My lessons start at quarter to eight except Wednesday when I have my lessons at half past eight. It varies because each class has its own timetable. The lesson is forty five minutes long and breaks are ten minutes, except one "long" break between third and fourth lessons, which is twenty minutes long. Lessons take place either in our classroom or in various labs or a gym. After my lessons we usually go for our lunch to the canteen. On my way home I sometimes do some shopping or just walk around town. When I come home, first I say hello to my dog and walk him. Then I listen to the radio or cassette player and sit and relax for a while. Then I work or help at home and prepare for the next school day. When I do all the housework, I write letters to my friends from abroad. I´m corresponding with many countries such as Japan, Sweden, England, Spain, South Africa, New York… The time passes quickly and evening comes suddenly. We have our supper usually at seven o´clock and then I wash up. In the evenings I either take a shower or have a bath and watch TV news and then I go to my bedroom and read, listen to music or work on my computer. Sometimes I watch and interesting film or music programme on TV or a video. From time to time I travel to the city and go to the club, cinema or to some interesting concert or theatre performance with my friends. I am very happy when the week ends and a weekend comes because I can sleep late and I can plan my leisure time as I wish. Besides helping my parents around the house I can go to the club, to the cinema, to see an interesting exhibition in the gallery, or travel to the centre of Prague, I can go for a trip with my friends or with my scout group, I can visit my relatives or I can devote more time to my hobbies - letter writing, playing the guitar, working on computer… The weekend is much better than weekdays, isn´t it?

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