Reading books

I.Nowadays people don’t read so much as in the past.When we ask them WHY, their usual answer is:I have no time,I´m too busy,I don´t like books,or reading is not necessary for my life.They prefer watching TV,video,Internet,making sport or many other activities.They consider a time spent with book as wasted.Of course,there are also many people,who think that reading is very important part of human life.Some of them read books just for pleasure,or when they want to learn something,others take book as good way to relax.For most people is reading a form of escape from monotony of everyday life.I belong to kind of people,for who is book necessary thing in life.I read everywhere and everytime.For example in the bus,before going to bed,during eating,by watching TV.Reading books is for me something like mobil for present people,I simply can´t exist without it. I can even say that it is my daily routine – everyday after comming from school I sit down and start reading.Till this age I have already read plenty of books.Why?
Book is on of my best friend since I was little.Then my parents used to give me books instead of toys – my usual present to birthday or Christmas was book.My disposition to this hobby comes from my dad.He also reads many books,so this could by answer why I like reading so much.
(In my opinion the compulsory reading is very useful by studying – we can better understand what author wants to say,what he wants to express,what is his message for us,readers.By reading his work we can realize what is his basic aim,what he wants to tell us.We can also understand the time when he lived,the social and economic relatives there and main conflicts of that time)
I prefer more than just one genre of books.I like Sci-Fi,crime fiction,detective stories,suspense novels,stories of adventure and so on.I read almost everything.
One of my favourite book is „Na zapade nic nove„ written by Erich Maria Remarque.This book aims to show military life of young generation which had to go to war in low age (they were almost children,aged like me).They are fighting and dying there. Book describes their real feelings,moods and reactions without any illuzions and lies,author is very autenthic and natural.Some passages even made me cry.After reading this book I had to think a lot.I realised that war is really absurdity,cruel nonsence.This made good reading and I was impressed.I like this book very much and so I read this book for several times.
If I have to choose from film or book version of some story,I select book.There are details better described and I can stop reading whenever I want.Also,when some chapter or paragraph of book is for me very interesting I can return to it and read it again.I think that in this case is reading is better than watching TV.
But as far as news is concerned I prefer watching TV.In TV news I can better see what happened,I can see place of accidents,events.There I can also hear what politicians say,how they are acting.In newspaper I can this only read,I can´t see it.By taking education about for example history is better to watch TV or video,because some of historical events were filmed by videocamera,so we can see there real historical interviews and significant persons,fights historical buildings and treates.
Radio is worse than TV too,I can only hear it there,not see.In spite of this I listen to radio more often than I watch TV.(Why?Radio is almost all the day on,when my mom wake up in the morning,she turns it on.So the first thing I can hear in the morning is the radio).Radio is good background for our everyday´s life,it is good resource of music.
One of the best way of taking education is Internet.On Internet I can read,hear and watch in the same time.There are plenties of information,that are very easy to find.I can find there everything.For Internet I need just computer,modem and a lot of time.
II.Importance of using of text book is that I can see the right form of written word – I can see there,how the word is written.Also when I read some text and I don´t understand it immediately,I can read it again.When some word is new for me,I can find the right expression of it in dictionary,or I can ask my teacher.
TV-lessons are worse way of taking education.When I don´t understand something,there is nobody to help me,no teacher.I also can´t ask questions or ask for some new words.It is also strange feeling to sit down before TV set and learn – have no contact with teacher.
My attitude to reading is very positive,I can say that I can read fluently.If there are some new words almost ever I don´t need dictionary to see how is the right pronunciation of these words.
The first thing I do if I have to learn some text is reading this text and realizing it.Then I read it again and try what I´ve already remembered.Then I repeat this process again and again,till I know that text.The important thing is that I have to know all the new words of this text and by reading it I have to be full concentrated.After one reading am I able to remember quite a lot of information.I can say that I have good memory.Also after one watching I remember quite a lot of informations.
Me as a student:I´m lazy type of student.It takes a long time till I start to learn,I still delay it.But when I finally begin,all the learning takes not a lot of time – I learn very quickly.I think that I have vizual and logical kind of mind.

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