Walter Scotta - The Bride of Lammermoor

I would like to write something about this great book which is writen by Sir Walter Scott. It`s a historical novel but heroes, time and place are different. Story is fit in Scotland of 17 th century. The novel describes a story of Lord Edgar Ravenswood, the last of the old Scottisch origin, and Asthon`s Family. It`s story about tragic love prohibited by land estate cases and imperious Madam Asthon.

On this book I like that it sends out rays of strong emotional feelings. I like these heroes who think twice before they say something. Reader is really drag into the story and prays for happy end although, the essence of death smells on every page. Old whitches are narrating unbelievable dark legends about how the last Ravenswood will die.They comes true at the very end of the book. This book left inside my mind deep feeling and sometimes when i was reading this book I was identify with the Lord Edgar. And then in the normal life I was affected by behaviors of hero. I have wanted to be like he, do the same things and think like he. The book is really great, it`s written in two lines. First is visible for everyone but second unvisible is different for every person. This second line is the space for think up things which aren`t written in first, but evokes it.

The tragic end was really very tristful. After I had read the last word I was feeling very bad, I was sad because of the death of my hero. And that is the good thing for me. I like These feelings because they tels my that I can feel emotions.

I like this book because it has deeper meaning and has the power to change opinion of life and gives new experiences. I`m happy that I have read this book.




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