My favourite book and writer

This is a good topic for me. I love books and reading is one of my hobbies. When I have some interesting book, so I read it in the train, in the school, at home by eating – simply everywhere and all the time.

When I was smaller (about the age of eight or ten), I was a big reader, because I wanted to show to all, that I read the same books as the adults. That time I read many books, which I couldn’t understand. That is why I had stopped reading and in the next five years I read almost nothing.

Then (in the last school year at the primary school) I was in the age, when all my friends started to read the girl’s romances – especially from one czech writer: Lenka Lanczová. I have read about thirty books from her during one year. This books were thin and it wasn’t difficult to read them. I needn’t to think about the plot, because the end was always the same. That was the reason, why I wanted to read something else and more interesting.

I didn't want to read the recommended literature, because it was a duty. I asked my mum what is she reading and she said:”Go to my book-shelf and look there. I finded there one book, which engaged me. It was called “Deformation” and it wasfrom the american author Robin Cook. It was a thriller from the medical world and it was so dramatic and impressive, that I went to the library and borrowed next one from this author. He became my favourite writer, so I read all books from him, that were in our library. It was over 20 peaces and only one didn’t enjoy me. When I had everything from him read, I had to find some other good authors, because reading became my hobby.

In this time, I was already studying here and I learn about many good writers. Our teacher (Mrs. Fučilová ) can attractivly narrate about the plots of many interesting books, so always when something impressed me, I went to the library and I borrowed it. This way I have read many good books.Interesting was for example a historical roman called “Navzdory básník zpívá” from the czech writer Jarmila Loukotková. It's about the life of the famous french poet Francois Villon, who was a member of the highest Parisian society but he belongs to the criminals. It was for a long time the longest book, that I have read.

In the last summer holidays I read one book, which was even longer, but finer too. I speak about the “American tragedy” from Theodore Dreiser. The main hero was Clyde Griffiths – joung man from the poor catholic family. In his childhood he hated the poverty and he wanted to change his life. He find a job, which earned him some money and he tried to come in the highest society. Soon he get a better job and new friends. Once he takes part in a group of young people, who make a trip with a stolen car and they have an accident. They kill a small girl and they run away from the town and from the state. Clyde starts use a new name and he find a new job. He meet his rich uncle, who offers him the job in his factory. Clyde move to this town and thinks, that he will get in the local royality. But six month later he has the same position as he had, when he came there. He falls in love with a poor girl from the factory but he still tries to go higher, so they meet each other only in the evening and it must be at some desert place. Once he meet a girl, which hates his cousin. This girl – Sondra – wants to make some badness to his cousin so she think up the plot. She starts to invite Clyde to the parties. Clyde finally comes to the high society, falls in love with Sondra and he wants to leave Roberta,but Roberta says to him that she's pregnant. Clyde is desparate and he tries everything to get rid of Roberta and her child. He offers her money for leave him and he find some pills or doctor to abort the pregnancy, but nothing helps. One day he reads one article about a pair of lovers, who have drown in one of the near lakes. He still tries to get rid of Roberta, but when she press him to marry her, he decides. He promise her the wedding and takes her to the lakes, when he wants to drown her. It all happenes very quickly and Roberta is dead. Clyde went to Sondra' summer-house and enjoys her riches. Roberta's body is shortly founded and Clyde is indicted of the murder. The law suit takes more than one year and Clyde is convicted to the death in the electric chair. He lose all his hopes because he never see Sondra again. I like this book although it is very sad and I want to read any other book of this author.

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