My favourite town abroad - Barcelona

There are many towns and cities all over the world and mostly the inhabitants this town think that their town is the best of all. Of course I also think České Budějovice is the best town but I´ll try to describe my favourite town abroad – Barcelona.
When I was 15 I have been to Sapin with my family. One day my mother said we can go to a trip to Barcelona. I was bored because I wanted to lie on the beach…
But when we came to this amazing town I was very surprised. I have never seen so beautiful town before. At first we went through Barcelona by bus and the guide said us something about its history and memories. I was listening only a little and mainly I was looking around. We went round the marvellous building. It was very unusual but very very beautiful. The guide said that this building was build by famous architect Gaudí.
Then we could get off the bus and go through “the Ramblas” (the biggest hiking zone in the Barcelona). The Ramblas was divided int ofive parts. Every part had its own name
Part of Flowers
Part of Statues
Market Part
Part of Students
but I´ve forgotten the name of the fifth part.
The names was characteristic. There were a lot of flowers everywhere you can see in the part of flowers. Many stalls with roses, tulips, and also flowers in the flowerpots… I thought I was in a tale.
After it we went through the Part of Students. The guide said us that this part is favourite students´ part but we were in Barcelona during the summer so we didn´t see any students (they had the holidays).
The next part was the Market Part. There was a huge market with all kinds of fruit and vegetables.
But most I like the last part – the Part of Statues. There were a lot of “live statues”. (People who stay on the street without any motion.) It was marvellous

Then we got in the bus again to go to the Olympic Stadium. This was enrmous construction. It can´t be described…
At the end of our trip we looked at the Barcelona from the top of the hill above this amazing town. We saw only little “boxes” instead of buildings.

At Ramblas I drinked from the fontaine… It´s said who drink from it, can go back to Barcelona once. So I hope it´s truth and I´ll be able to go back one day.

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