Native Americans

Where did Native Americans live?

Native Americans have lived contentedly in North and South America. But only than Europeans arrived. Europeans begin hunting of Indians. Many of Indians were killed. Rest of Indians must completely moved into the reservation, which are chosen by white people. Reservation were places often in bad areas without agricultural land.

What was their traditional food?

Most Native Americans lived by agriculture. Maize was the most common grain. The other grains, which were domesticated and developed as crops by Native Americans, were: several varieties of beans(they were eaten for proteins), potatoes, manioc, peanuts, chili peppers, cotton, cacao, avocados and many other.
Techniques of food preparation have varied according to the type of food and the culture area. In maizegrowing regions, tortillas remain common, as does a similar flat bread of manioc flour in the Tropical Forest. Techniques of drying foods including meats have always been important.

What was their traditional art?

Distinctive craft needs and artistic styles characterize each culture area of the Americans. Their traditional art include: Stonework, pottery, basketry (in most parts of the Americans several basketry techniques were known the most), weaving, metalworking.

Did they have some animals or pets? And why?

Native Americans didn’t have many animals because they more depend on agriculture. Livestock was less important to them than to peoples on other continents. In the Andes guinea pigs were bred for meat and lamas for transport and meat, and in Mesoamerica turkeys were domesticated. Americas additional protein was obtained from fish and game animals, especially deer.

How is their live different of our lives?

Native Americans were more primitive than us, they use natural resources and they love nature. They have harder live. Americans kept rules of nature.

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