Prague is capital city of the Czech Republic and lies in the middle of Bohemia. The population is about 1,2 milion. Prague is divided into many borroughs. The historical centre is made up by the Old Town, Josefov, the Lesser Quarter, Hradčany, the New Town and Vyšehrad. Prague is now surrounded by a ring of modern houses.
Prague was found by Princess Libuše of Přemyslid dynasty. She predicted the future glory of Prague, which would touch the stars.
Prague has a large number of monuments. The most famous is Prague castle. It was founded after 880 by the first Přemyslid Prince Bořivoj. It's greatest period was during the reign of Charles IV.
In 1344 started the construction of the St. Vitus Cathedral. During the reign of Rudolf II. The Castle became a famous centre of arts and culture. Famous sights in the Prague Castle include: St. Vitus Cathedral, the Royal Palace with Vladislav Hall, Spanish Hall, The Golden Lane. There is too Daliborka and St. George Basilika.
The most famous bridge in Prague is The Charles Bridge. It was commisioned by Charles IV. in 1357 and built by a famous gothic architect Petr Parléř. On both ends of the bridge are Gothic Bridge Towers. It's second oldest bridge in Central Europe. In 18th century was it decorated by baroque statues made by Matyáš Braun and Jan Brokoff. During all year is it always full of tourists, souvenirs stalls and street artists.
The busiest part of Prague is Wenceslas Sqare. It's in the centre of the city. It's the longest square in our state. It's 750 metres long. In the upper part stays The statue of the Czech patron - St. Wenceslas. The statue is made by J. V. Myslbek and it's a symbol of a free and independent republic. On the top of this square is the National Museum.
There are a lot of theatres - for example: Smetana Theater, Magic Latern, the Reduta Hall, the Lucerna Hall, the Tyl Theatre, the Vinohrady Theater, Divadlo na zábradlí and the best is the National Theater. The National Theatre was built in second half of the 19th century in late renaissance style from the public money collection of people. After opening in 1881 was it damaged by fire and rebuilt in the next two years. The best artists as M. Aleš, F. Ženíšek, and V. Hynais decorated the theatre.
Many world known personalities lived or spent some time in Prague - Mozart, Beethoven, Descartes, Paganini, Kafka and others.
Prague is also an important industrial and bussiness centre. It's also a cultural and touristic centre of our Republic.

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