Rembrandt van Rijn (1606-69)

The greatest painter of Holland, was born into a miller family near Leiden.Soon he left studies for art. He married a wealthy Saskia, but their only survived son Titus died soon like his mother. Many years after R. creditors (věřitelé) sold his house. He marry again and was a employee of his wife.

His work he strove ( snažil se) to catch a personality more than visual beauty, only natural features. That we can see on his self- portraits. He observed himself without any trace (stopa) of a pose or vanity (marnivost). He created a convincing snaphshots, expressing complex human being full of warmth, their need for sympathy (soucit), loneliness of suffering. Therefore someone call it Workings of the soul. His pictures are filld with darkness, from wich the figeres are rising.
He claimed the artistś right to declare a picture finished, when he achieved his purpose.According this maning he left the hand in the glove as a mere sketch.
Works:- often he ilustrated Biblical stories.As a devote protestant he read the Bible manytimes. Old also New Testament.

The merciless Servant – we see the Lord in a big ledger, with his head lowered, his hand fumbling deep in his pocket, that he is unable to pay.

Self portraits (around 60), Portrait of a magy in the study, Anatomy of dr. Tulp, Danae, Samsonś blinding.

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