Rudyard Kipling - The Jungle Book

Rudyard Kipling was an english short-story writer, novelist and poet. He was born in 1865 in Bombay, India, where his father was a teacher at the School of Art. India was at that time British colony.
In 1878 Kipling atended United Services College. It was an expensive institution specialized in training for entry into military academies. Kipling returned to India in 1882, where he worked as a journalist. The stories written during his last two years in India were the famous story The Man Who Would Be a King, The Man Who Was and famous novel Kim. In 1892 Kipling married Caroline Starr Balestier and they moved to the United States. But after the death of his daughter, Josephine, Kipling took his family back to England.
In 1907 Kipling won the Nobel prize in literature of the originality of ideas and talent his writing. He wrote autobiography called Something of himself. His view of the world was sentimental, romantic.Characteristic for Kipling is sympathy for the world of children, he wrote collection of animal stories The jungle book and The seven seas. Between the years 1922 and 1925 he was a rector at the University of St. Andrews. He smoked, drank coffee and lived very hard. Kipling died on 18 January, 1936 in London, and was buried in Poet's Corner at Westminster Abbey.
Translaters: Alois and Hana Skoumalovi
I choose The Jungle Book
This book tells about the young boy Mowgli and his animal friends in the jungle of India. Mowghli is the man cub, the orphan baby raised by the wolves. He came in pack with Baloo. Baloo is the old bear, who keeps the law of the jungle and teaches the young wolfish cub. Mowghli grow up and knows the ways of the jungle and speaks the language of the wild. But he has a rival the tigher Shere Khan. Shere Khan wants to kill him, but Mowghli has patron, who looks after his security. It is the panther Bagheera a silken shadow of cunning. Akela and Raksha are leaders of wolfish pack. Mowghli goes through adventures with the python Kaa, who has hungry mind, he meets elephants, he visits the mythic apish city. Mowghli meets Shere Khan too and he wins with the human trick using fire.
I like this book, because it is the story about princip of life between wild animals and human.

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