Rudyard Kipling - The Jungle Book

The Jungle Book was written by Rudyard Kipling and it’s probably his most known prose.

The hero of the story is a boy named Mowgli. When he was a little baby, Shere Khan, a big tiger, attacked his parents. They lost him and let him there. Fortunately, a wolf found him and brought him home to his wife. A wolf couple, which recently had their own four small wolfs, adopted Mowgli and protected him from Shere Khan. Akela, the wolf leader, said that Mowgli needs two other patrons besides the wolf couple. And so Baloo, the brown bear, and Bagheera, the black panther, took care of Mowgli too. Shere Khan became angry that the wolves did not give him Mowgli.

Ten or eleven years later, Mowgli had learned to live in the jungle according to Jungle Law. But in that time, Shere Khan had made friends with many of the younger wolves and persuaded them to hate Mowgli. Bagheera warned Mowgli and told him to get the Red Flower, how animals called fire, from the human village.
Mowgli went to a village, where he met Messua and her husband, who believed Mowgli to be their own son who had been taken by a tiger many years ago. Mowgli learns the ways and speech of humans. But soon Mowgli heard from Grey Brother, who was one of his wolf brothers, that Shere Khan wants to do revenge. But Mowgli was experienced enough to finally kill Shere Khan.
After this, the story continues on and it tells how Mowgli becomes the king of the jungle and at the end of the first book he returns to people.

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