Science and Technology

Basic vocabulary
tool, power, shelter, machinery, muscle power, augment, alternative sources, manufacture/manufacturing, acceleration, landowner, create, urban working class, drain mines, home-made production, machine-made production, reveal, electrical engineering, commercial scale, carbon arc lamp, electric bulb, distribute, flow though wires, international-combustion engine, petrol driven motorcar, enable sth, explosion of a bomb, current source of energy, blast furnace, charcoal, coke, synthetized drug, insulin, growth hormone, production process, precision tool, automation, punched cards, assembly line, space research, genetic engineering, impact, launch into orbit, manned spacecraft, ballistic missiles, abuse

- coal, oil, petrol/gas (US), natural gas, uranium, electricity, water-power, wind-power, nuclear power, tidal, geothermal and solar power, windmill, watermill, to dam up a river, a dam, mine coal, off-shore production, off-shore gas field/oil field, carry oil/gas by pipeline, oil refinery

- generate electricity, alternating/direct current, coal-burning power plant, hydro-power plant, nuclear power plant, carry electricity through wires, supply power to the national grid, convertible into heat and light, lighting, heating, to power machines, voltage/live/dead

Inventions & discoveries:
- steam engine, electricity, car, aircraft, air-cushion vehicle, radar, radio, television, telephone, X-ray machine, transistor, integrated circuit (silicon chip), electric welding, penicillin, vitamin C, test-tube babies, birth-control pills, printing, photography, laser, compact disc (CD), computer, radioactivity, blood groups

- horn, bone, shell, stone, wood, bronze, iron, cast iron, rubber, leather, brick, porcelain, dye, celluloid, synthetic fibers, synthetized drug, plastic, glass, paper

- wedge, lever, wheel, lathe, potter’s wheel, loom, weave, knife (pl. knives), hammer, drive a nail in, saw, drill, chisel, plane, screw-driver, screw in, screw, sickle, scythe, mow, grass, axe/ax (US), cut/chop/split wood, paintbrush, paint, file, spanner, tighten, pair of pliers, pair of pincers, pull out, bend/twist wire, pair of scissors, spade, dig, rake, fork, lift hay, straw, hoe, shovel, ladder, wheel-barrow, broom, sweep, pruners/pruningscissors, watering can

Names & inventions or discoveries:
Galileo Galilei - the sun is the center of solar system
Charles Darwin - the theory of evolution
James Dewey Watson - the molecular structure of DNA & the genetic code
Sir William Harvey - the circulation of blood
Georg Johann Mendel - founder of genetics
Louis Pasteur - pasteurization (process of making diary products free of microorganisms)
Otto Wichterle - soft contact lens
Sir Alexander Fleming - the discovery of penicillin
Sir Isaac Newton - the law of gravity
Alfred Nobel - dynamite
Jan Jánský - four blood groups
Jacob Robert Oppenheimer - development of the atomic bomb
Gottlieb Daimler & Karl Benz - petrol-driven car
George Stevenson - the first steam locomotive
Edmund Halley - the prediction of the return of a comet
James Watt - an efficient steam engine
Alexander Graham Bell - the telephone
Prokop Diviš, Benjamin Franklin - lightning construction
Marie & Pierre Curie - radioactivity
Yuri Gagarin - space travel
Albert Einstein - the theories of relativity
Thomas Elva Edison - the electric bulb
Ernest Rutherford - the discovery of alpha, beta and gamma rays

- be known for, discovery, invention, be awarded, receive the Nobel prize, explain, develop, predict, formulate, experiment with, construct, investigate, pioneer, discover, invent

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