Whats do you know about Scotland?Most people know i tis the northern park of Great Britain.Edinburgh is the capital.It is the country of kilts the Loch Ness monster and whisky.All this true.

Scotland is very proud of its past you have the oppottunity to step back into over 5000 years of history.There are many museums, historical theme parks and interesting events and festivals._The most visited place is the capital Edinburgh.There are Edinburgh Kastle, museum, hotels, parks, newbuilding-all eleganty mixed together.

There are castles, fortresses, abbeys, churches, old mills there.

Some of them you can find in towns and villages, some of them on shorses and cliffs by sea and lakes.Others are in the mountains.People often lived several miles from the nearest neigbours.The abondoned cottages and old paths are witness to a past life which must have been very hard.

The Highlands are the heart the Scottish mountains.The most beautiful long footpaths is called the West.Highland Way and its length is 152 km.Ben Nevis is Scotland’s and Britain’s highest mountain.This routeway gives you the chance to see the diversity of Scottish nature.Grassy hilus with thousands of Wheel you can see there too.

In Scotland you can stay for the night with your tent wherever you want.The fences which run along’the hilus are there just for the sheep.In the small villages you will meet local people.They are nice, willing to help in any way or just repaired to chat about thein country and life.

Scottish weather can be very chanyeable Summer showers will help to make the typical atmosphere.So if choose Scotland for your next holidays, anjoy your time there.

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