When we go shopping , we can go either to a big department store or to the shop which specializes in some extra goods, e.g.:

The greengrocer specializes in fruit and vegetables, butcher in meat, baker in bread and cakes, ironmonger in metal goods( tools, nails, pans, pots), florist in flowers, draper in clothes, fishmonger in fish, etc…

My favourite shop is a self-service shop Křib, because is near my home. When I go in I put a basket or a trolley. Opposite to me there is a corner with bread and cakes. On the right side there are lots of shelves with salames, milk products, biscuits and many types of food. At the exit there is a cash desk where I pay for goods.

The most common shop in Britain is the Grocer’s. He sells food, detergents and polish. Another common shop is the Chemist’s. You can buy medicines, ointments, combs, cosmetics, etc...there. All possible goods you can buy in various types of shops. Foods are sold in the self-service shop or in the supermarkets. The supermarket is bigger and sells chemist and ironmonger too and in our town there is a supermarket Billa.
The hypermarket is very large and sells all kinds of food and house and kitchen needs. A typical feature of big cities is a Department store. They are huge buildings equipped with speedy lifts and escalators. You can buy everything from foods to furniture here. They usually operated serve your self system. At the exit there are cash desks where you pay for all goods which you choose. You can pay either cash or with your credit cards.

Credits cards are widely accepted. Unfortunately in our country payments by credit cards have not developed so well yet. In bigger cities shops accept foreign credit cards such as Visa cards or American Express , etc…
For as currency you can pay either banknotes or coins. The money you can earn, inherit, lend, win, borrow, steal or win in a bet.

As for Czech shopping habits, an average Czech family goes shopping every day for necessary food, once a week they do one big purchase for the weekend and from time to time they have to buy shoes, clothes, household utensil, equipment and furniture. Foreign visitors can buy souvenirs on the Charles Bridge in Prague, records and compact discs with classical music by Smetana, Dvořák,Janáček or picture books of our country, etc…

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