The dangerous journey

One day the men in the forest ended their job, so they needed to get back to their base. But that day, two of them were late. When they arrived they said they were hunting, their boss were angry on them. They packed up their camp and began their journey back to base. Short time after they started their journey it began to rain. Rain became into a storm. Water was still falling and there was mud everywhere. They drove too fast, so they jammed in mud. It took some time, but finally they digged the car our of the mud. Unfortunately a branch flew up from under a car and brake arm of one man. They arrived to river. Water was higher because of the rain and the bridge was destroyed. Luckily they had a transmitter to speak to their base. But it was able to work only on short range. It was able to work on the other side of the river. They used their rope and inflatable boat to cross the river. They tied it to remains of the bridge so their were able to cross river safely. Pedro was sent with transmitter to the top of the hill to call for help.When lasts of them were crossing the river there were an accident and the wounded one of them fell into the water, the second jumped into the water to rescue him. He reached him, but they were too far away from the boat and near to the waterfall. They climbed on the rock and they were waiting for help. Water was rising fast. When there was not much space on the rock, wounded one became unconscious. The second one took him to his arms and waited for help. It came instantly. It was a helicopter. It took both of them back to safety of their base.

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