The day I never forget

You know the mornings You are lying in a bed and You can’t wake up. So my day started the same. It was Wednesday morning, outside was the blizzard and I was thinking about these days, days You should stay at home and watch TV or listen to the music. But I love these days, so I woke up. I have to woke up, because I was suppose to go in the mountains with friends for a week and because of my love to snow and skiing of course. I am deep-rooted skier, but I have to say, I always admire the freedom of snowboarders. I am not so courageous to jump from the rock to snow on snowboard or on something else.

We arrived at midday, the sun was shinning and we accomodated at the hotel. The nature around was very nice and snowy hills and trees were so romantic. My girlfriend was in heaven. The hotel, well a cottage, was made of stone and wood and looked like original oldfashioned english house. I like this sort of houses, because when I was in England, I used to live in one of them and I think, they have something magic. We were looking forward for a night skiing, so we prepared our skies and snowboards and then we had a dinner. What a pity, the night skiing was cancelled because of strong wind. So we decided to make party, we played some games like “Man, don’t worry”, “Monopoly” and my favourite – “Scrabble”. After hours of playing we were drunk of wine and whisky, we were dancing and than singing with karaoke. However, it was good night, but what a morning.

Holy one, we, me and Dave, was having a hangover, but I said: We drunk so much, so the best treatment to get alright is to circulate our blood in bodies as fast as we can. So I was skiing whole day with my girlfriend and our friends were snowboarding on the other side of the hill. Sickness passed away and we were happy. At the evening we were totaly exhausted. The next day my friends were wooing me to have a ride on a snowboard. I have never stayed on it, so I realized I could do it. I took off my skishoes and put on Dave’s snowboard ones. Than he did up the binding and I tried to stand up. Uff, it was hard, but after couple minutes I made it. I was standing and laughing, but the worst came few seconds after. They poked into me and I was “flying” down the hill. I don’t know how, but I felt down and broke my leg. The pain was so strong that I forgot to scream. Near the hill there was snow mover. In a moment I was lying on it and they took me to a Mountain patrol. On the snowscooter of the Mountain patrol I was taken to a hospital, where the doctor was waiting for me.

I woke up next morning with friends around my bed and I had my paining leg in a plaster. Four months passed away and my leg was healthy again. And I am so happy I am able to try the snowboard in future again, but next time accompanied by a teacher!

Michael Guerin, Institute of tropical and subtropical agriculture, Czech University of Agriculture

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