The Importance of Studying Languages

I have been learning English for 8 years and I still find English grammer rather difficult. I have got a good memory, so I have no problem with learning new words.

The English pronounceation isn´t easy becouse there are no rules like in German. I can say I have made a big progress since the time when I started with this language.

Translating texts is not difficult for me, becouse there are a lot of international words in English – for example: sports terminology (break, out, play, game, power play, bully, basketball, voleyball, golf, football …), computer terminology (hardware, software, enter …), individual words from everyday life – roastbeef, chips, crackers, biscuits, juice, pudding, yoghurt …, and so one.

The diffences between American English and British English:
1. pronounceation (director, neither, can´t, letter)
2. spelling – American spelling is easier
American English British English
telegram telegramme
program programme
gass petrol
fall autumn
hi hello
subway underground
you are welcome not at all
can tin
street car tram
3. grammer
American English British English
Do you have a brother? Have you got a brother?
Do you have a breakfast? Have you got a breakfast?

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