Tom´s Birthday

Tom Parker junior lives with his parents, the younger sister Tina and the old granny in a small town in the west of England. Tina is four years old and she had a birthday last month. She got many toys and her parents gave her a big doll with long hair.
Tina was very happy, she had a beautiful birthday. Tom´s birthday is on April 29th and it was yesterday. Tom invited a few friends to celebrate the birthday with him.
There were ten children at his party. They listened to the cassettes and then they went out into the garden, where were many coloured balloons there. His mother brought the chocolate cake with walnuts and strawberries and eleven candles.They ate the cake and drank coke. His mother put the bowls with vanilla ice cream and whipped cream on the table. Tom waited for some presents, but his friends gave him only the flowers.
He remembered Tina´s presents and he was very sad, because his parents didn´t give him any present. Tom started to cry and his father said : “Dear Tom, you were very naughty, so you cannot get some presents!“. Tom wept and wept. Tom´s granny knew about his wish to have a pet. She bought a cat for him. The granny took the basket and brought it to Tom. At the moment, when he saw the basket, Tom started to smile.
He saw the beautiful kitten inside ! It was a nice surprise for him, he was very happy and he jumped for joy. Only Mr. Parker senior wasn´t happy. He was looking forward for his dinner, he had sausages on the plate, but the cat jumped onto the table and ate
his sausages !

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