Tony Blair vs Vaclav Klaus (comparison)

European politicians for 3rd Century
By Vojtech Cejka

The political leaders are simply VIP’s every where in the world. They represent theirs parties, even theirs countries and they are involved in important decisions for the future of theirs states. They have a big responsibility. They should be brilliant characters. I mean, well educated, altruistic, realistic and single-minded. Let me introduce you two men, who are bearers of these qualities. One is from Czech republic and the other one is from UK. They are Tony Blair and Václav Klaus, politicians with lateral P.

Lets talk about the first one now. His full name is Anthony Charles Lynton Blair. He was born in Scotland on the 6th of May 1953, in Edinburgh, Scotland. He studied law at Oxford University. He qualified as a barrister in London in 1976 and also entered the Labour party. He was elected to House of Commons in 1983. He has held many posts in parliament. His political carrier continued in 1994, when he becomes the leader of the Labour Party. He was also very successful in 1997. He won General election and alternated John Major in Prime Minister position. He began a second term as Prime Minister after his party's victory in the 2001. He is married with Cherie Booth. They have got four children. He changed the program of the Labour party. His project is called New Labour. He wants GB. Integrated in Europe union. He also wants GB get rid of some useless points of imperialism. He’d like to continue developing modern constitutional monarchy. His plan is to raise social and economic standard to create high well-fare society. He has a new modern view of Britain. He made many reforms in public sphere. E.g. in education or health service. His important achievement is disarmament of IRA. Nowadays he is also involved in solving the problems in IRAQ. Britain became the member of anti-terrorists bloc during his rule.

The second lateral P politician is Václav Klaus. He was born on the 19th of July in 1941, Prague, Czech republic. He studied a lot. He has studied economy of foreign business and other economic sciences in Economic University of Prague until 1963. He was also the student of various universities in Italy and in USA. He has worked as a scientist in Czechoslovak Economy institute until 1970. He becomes the Minister of finances as a macroeconomic expert in 1989. In 1990 was one of the establishers of new political party OF. A year later he left the party and established another one – ODS. He becomes the Speaker of Government of Czech republic in 1992. After election in 1998 he started in the post of the Speaker of the Parliament. His actual position after latest election is a Member of Parliament. He is also still the leader of ODS. He received many awards and he is also a “doctor of honour” of some famous universities. He is married with Livia Klausová and they have two sons. Václav Klaus is right oriented politician. He was very involved in economic transformation process in our country. Some says that his project Kupónová privatizace was not so smart. However, he was the person who helped our country to move from socialism to capitalism and market economy society. He is famous because of his competing with his main opponent Zeman. (You know all that wisecracks and messages in media). His nowadays aims are joined with acceptation of Czech republic to EU. And the hottest news about him is that he is going to give up his leadership of ODS and candidate for a president.
To be honest. I am not interested in politic. Neither British nor ours. It is because lack of time to read boring politic analyses. So I am not a suitable person to compare them from this (politic) point of view. So I will instead give some ideas which come to my mind, when I was thinking about them.
Both of them are very ambitious. One of them is Prime minister, and second one was the Speaker of Government and maybe, he’ll be the president. So, they both have reached the second highest political posts. (If the queen’s post is the same as president’s) But in case of Klaus, it is necessary to say, his behaviour is not always so nice. He often offends people, e.g. journalists. His famous answer is “This is not the right question...” I’ve never heard something like this about Blair. So it seems to me Blair is more polite. (in politics) They’ve been important for theirs countries and they already have done a lot for theirs people. And it seems to me that they will also be involved in next European history

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Source: Všeobecná encyklopedie Diderot (1997)


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