Transport in the Czech Republic

In the Czech Republic there are four basic types of transport. It is car, train, air and water transport. Ocean and sea transport misses there. It results from geography position of our country.

The biggest share covers motorcar transport. It has the thickest net too. The new roads and highways are built there, that makes the transport quick and fluent. The old roads and highways are damaged and somewhere in regions they are in the bad technical condition. Highways are built with heavy costs between the biggest towns in the Czech Republic. Highways belong to supreme quality sort of roads in our country. Next roads are motorways, roads first and second classe but district roads third classe too. Number of cars and lorries has increased more after the revolution on czech roads and it leads to make these roads worse. It is better to use the train for goods transit.

Train transport has a wide net of rails but the quality of offered service does not equalize motorcars. People do not use much this sort of transport. In the mature world train transport has it`s own tradition and stable place in transportof each state. This transport is the friendliest to our enviroment from all but paradoxical is not often. Sometimes the train is the only sort of transport, in which people can travel to bigger towns from their villages, when they go to work, school, schops and for free time. 95 % rails is owned by the state and the state has not got much money on the maintenance. The state would like to sell the rails . It is the only kind of transport, where the state has it`s share.
Air transport is behind the car and train transport but it obtains more customers because it is without competition the quickest in transit of passengers and goods. This transport is the quickest but it is the most expensive too. This is the reason for very expensive tickets. There is only one international airport in Prague (without the small airport in Ostrava). Air transport is the safest transport over the world.
Water transport is used in our country only for transit of raw materials (oil, coal, woods, etc.) and as the ferry.

For the Czech Republic it is important to have balance among all sort of transport.

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