What constitutes A Bad Roommate?

Some people have very comfortable living place with great roommate and some not, we just never know whom can be nice or bad, sometime is our best friend. There are three main qualities that make up a bad roommate: lack of respect, cleanliness and being cheap. I have found someone that not only can I not live with, but I can’t stand to even be around. I would like to discuss a few of my roommate’s most undesirable qualities, and show why she is a bad roommate.

Leading the way of undesirable qualities is cleanliness. This refers to hygiene as well as physical appearance of our apartment. It has been almost 6 months since I moved in with her, and she has done her laundry twice. For a person that has one small closet, and one dresser draw of clothes; this is completely unacceptable to me. I change my bedding every week whether I sleep in my bed all seven nights or not. To go months without changing your bedding is appalling to me. Having dirty clothes is one thing, seeing them strewn around the apartment is another. There is no excuse for clothes to be lying around the common living area. This is not good for the appearance of the apartment, nor is it good for the prevention of bugs.

Another less than appealing quality that my roommate possesses is what’s known as having deep pockets and short arms. She seems to feel that on utility bills she has no responsibility for taxes and other charges that occur during the billing period. I’m really not too familiar with the USA Federal Tax or the Massachusetts State Tax-Service & Usage fees, but I’m sure they don’t just apply to my phone calls. Having to go over every bill that is shared between roommates every month will start to take its toll on the living arrangements.

This brings us to the one quality that my roommate from hell possesses that is not only annoying but it is disrespectful. This is her lack of common curiosity towards me and any other guests in our apartment. This runs the gamete from eating food, which is not hers to treating guest of mine like they are intruders. Many evenings I have been sound asleep, and have been woken up by loud talking, music, and bright lights being turned on all over the apartment. These acts of selfishness show she has no respect for me or anyone for that matter.

When an individual possesses the qualities of being cheap, dirty, and disrespectful, you have all the ingredients to make a bad roommate. These three things are the foundation of what makes a bad roommate. We all have our faults, and bad qualities, but these three things not only make a bad roommate, but also a bad person.

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