A control (short story)

Samantha had expected bad news, but when she left the room she was smiling.

“Why are you seemed to be so happy? What did he tell you?“ Tracy – her friend and colleague, who had been waiting for Samantha during her meeting with their boss, asked Samantha.

“I was promoted,“ answered Sam with a joy in her voice.

Samantha and Tracy are cooks. Both of them really like their jobs despite of it’s quite stressful work, especially when a control comes. And that’s what happened a week ago.

On Thursday the owner of the restaurant get a report that a control would come. He told his staff to be prepared and gave them a list what to cook. But Samantha wasn’t satisfied with his menu and persuaded everyone to prepare their own one. The boss was angry when he found it out. He told Samantha not to come to work for following week.

On Monday Sam visited her boss in his office. She had expected bad news but the boss said, how satisfied the control was and promoted Samantha.

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