American movie industry

American movie industry means certainly Hollywood. Everyone imagines this film center in Los Angeles when film is mentioned.

Film officially began in a half of 19th century in France. In a Café at Champ Ellise was there played the first film by Lumieres bros called Arrive of train. After that began era of movie industry.

Film wasn’t always such developed like nowadays. The first kind of film was mute report. In whole Europe and America were played some reports and shot from world news…etc. Not too long from this time began the most famous period of mute film it was a mute grotesque. It was based on movement of actors. Sometime it was titled, but this aspect wasn’t so important like face, movement and expression of actors. It was a lot of actors, grotesque actors in the world. But only one was a legend. He was in two years the most popular personality in the world.

Charles Spencer Chaplin well known as Charlie Chaplin no star today is such popular like this legend.

His famous hat, shoes, stick and little moustache was very popular and it made Charlie Chaplin such as we know him. In this time is forced whole movie industry by huge film corporations like 20th CENTURY FOX, PARAMOUNT, and UNIVERSAL…etc. In the year 1927 was in movie industry only one individuality, and it was just Charlie Chaplin. It is interesting, that he was more popular then actors of great companies.

But then happened a break. To the film came the sound. It was on October the sixth, 1927. Radio and gramophone industry was in high level and people wanted to hear sound also in film. The first music film was a report from concert of famous American singer Al Johnson. It was also the end of career of a lot of actors, because of their bad pronunciation or bad language. Also Chaplin finished as an actor and he was only manager and producer.

Sound film was very often critiqued from people, producers and actors, because it lost poetic and international intelligibility. In a short sound film wasn’t such popular how it had been expected. But certainly the most often spoken and most popular film language was English. Of course also because of American huge corporations…etc. The United States became world-leading country also in movie industry and I mean it’s same also today.

There are so many kinds of films. They are Adventure, Historical, Romantic, Psychological, Action, and Science Fiction.

With films are certainly connected also cinemas. Mainly in 70th and 80th years it was very popular kind of spending free times. In United States is this tradition very developed. Every good film has its advertisements; its own cinema is great and famous first run with actors and other well-known personalities.

Contemporary American famous star are certainly Tom Cruise, Mel Gibson, Bruce Willis, Michelle Pfeifer, Jodie Foster, Demi Moor, Patrick Swayze…etc. They are always professionals and they are very good paid. A modern movie industry, like everything professional in our life means mainly business and money.


Twenty kilometers to the North of the center Of Americas second largest city Los Angeles, we can find a place, the name of which has become a symbol of silver world of film glory and a symbol of great fortune, of a fulfilled American dream as well as sorrow, disappointment and broken hearts. The letters fifteen meters high don’t leave any doubt. HOLLYWOOD.

Its curriculum vitae started to be written in the times of the silent film when a group of mostly Jewish filmmakers left the East Coast of the U.S.A. protesting against the practices of the film monopoly of that time. A film, started id Chicago in 1908, was finished in California near Los Angeles, and filmmakers liked it there so much that in 1911 they opened the first film studio in Hollywood. Excellent working conditions, beautiful weather all the years round and fascinating scenery brought the elite of the American film industry to Hollywood, from the star to the rich studio owners later on. Their names Goldwin, Griffith, DeMille were soon well known all over the world and the studio established by them have been producing motion pictures ever since. Thanks to Metro-Goldwin-Mayer or MGM, Warner Bros., Paramount and 20th Century Fox, Hollywood has become synonymous with the film glory. The golden years began first of all with the advent of sound and colored film. Huge incomes of the star of the silver screen and the growing profits of the film studios attracted to California all those who wanted to realize their dreams. For those, who succeeded, monuments of glory were built in exchange for the loss privacy.

The Hollywood of today has lost a lot of its formed glitter. The filmmakers moved to a more convenient location, a lot of films are made abroad for economic reasons and you can find rather more real stars in Beverly Hills (another famous quarter of Los Angeles) or in the resort on the Pacific Coast, Santa Barbara. Agencies hunting for talent, studios producing film music and companies for advertising stayed in Hollywood. We can also find museums recalling the bygone glory, the Walk of Fame with bronze stars on the sidewalk, which are marked with names of the famous actors and actresses. Very nice is too Griffith Observatory up the Hollywood Hills, from where it is not far to those famous white letters Hollywood.

In spite of the fact that Hollywood is deteriorating, its name is still synonymous with great American films, 90% of which are not great artistic achievements for the viewers and don’t enrich his mind very much. Nevertheless it is mostly good entertainment and it is always solid professional work. Features films with invincible heroes, like Arnold Schwarznegger or Jean Claude Van Damme invariably experience a boom.

Nowadays are making films, which want population. And such films aren’t always on high cultural level. If I could mention an example, so unfinished series about do called romantic love or about families of rich people are very stupid for me and it doesn’t give anything to its spectators. But nowadays I mean returns to modern films culture and poetic themes again.

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