Car crash, Story, Rules

Car crash!
One day it was bad weather! It raind very much and it was also a very dark evening. The president drove to the parlament with his san.When they were on the 30th km of their way they heard that at the 31st km was a car crash. The president thought that it was a normal accident, but when he saw it, he had a shock. There were five cars together and five people dead. And becouse he was so shocked, he was not able to stop this car and so he crashed into a police car. The doctores were there very qvick, but they were not able to save his life.

I was with my father at friends in Yellowknife. One day I and my friend Radim wanted to go hunting ducks. We went to this place about two hours away from home. We were very hungry, so we had a lunch, but Radim saw that the snowstorm was comeing. The sky was very dark. We were lucky, becouse there were lots of reads. We started to cut them. Then we made a kind of schelter with them and when the storm started, we crawled into it. I was in the schelter about three hours. Then we went home. When I came home there was my father and he was very happy that I lived!

My mother has to do the coocking.
My mother has to put my brother to bed.
Father has to repair things.
I have to look after my younger brother.
We all have to unload the dischwasher.
My mother has to do the ironing.
Mother and father have to do the schopping.
We have to help in the garden.
We all have to tidy ours rooms.

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Nemyslím to zle, ale skoro všude máš špatně spelling..