We can say that each person has his own style and taste. There are many differences in dressing - women are very choosy and particular about what to wear and like to spend a lot of money on clothes.

I follow the fashion and I buy and read fashion magazines ( e.g. Cosmopolitan, Elle, Quelle, etc. ). I watch programs about fashion on TV ( e.g. Videofashion ), sometimes I come and see Fashion show. Fashion designers what I know are Calvin Clein, Versage and in Czech Republic Beáta Rajská. The most important fashion centres are in London, New York, Moscow, Paris and Milano. Worldknow models are e.g. Claudia Schiffer, Cindy Crafford, Naomi Cambel and Pamela Anderson.
It's important to me what I wear. Every morning I desided what I wear. I'm very choosy and I prefer trousers or jeans, T-shirt and jumper.

To the theatre I wear a skirt, blouse or evening gown. To school I wear trousers or jeans, T-shirt and jumper. For sports we put on shorts, gym pants, as well as the right kind of sports shoes. In summer some T-shirt and shorts, for watter sports we wear a swim-suit. When it is cold some tracksuit and an anorak. At home I wear a track suit and some old T-shirt.
University students do not wear uniforms but sometimes they have a school tie or a scarf with the colours of the university. For examinations they wear gowns. Scotsmen wear their national costumes only on special occasions. Men wear kilts of tartan cloth. In the Scottish Highland every clan has a certain colour pattern.

When the clothes are too old, either out of fashion or damaged, they can be given to a charity organization or they can be burned or they can be given to younger relatives. When I like the colour, shape or pattern so I can remake the clothes.

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